Interfiliere, hosted by Eurovet, is the leading trade show for intimates, beachwear, and swimwear fabrics around the world. Dozens of exhibiting mills and hundreds of companies shared their latest fabrics with buyers and industry professionals at The Tunnel in New York on September 22nd, 2016. The latest intimate apparel style trends were on display, sharing the great variety in tastes among today’s lingerie brands and their customers.

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The 18th edition of Mode Lingerie and Swim, CURVEXPO New York, took place from July 31st to August 2nd, 2016 at the Javits Center in Manhattan. Hundreds of exhibitors shared their Spring/Summer 2017 collections and more on the show floor! This season’s show featured a great variety of garments, rich in bright colors and tropical patterns to celebrate the aesthetic of warmer seasons.

Swimwear for 2017 is beaming with multicultural imagery with patterns inspired by cultures across the globe, created primarily by Brazilian brands. African designs like Moroccan and Kenyan prints are very trendy this season, but there is no shortage of traditional beach imagery like Hawaiian palm leaves and nautical stripes. The demands of full-bust customers have prompted many swimwear brands to implement cup-size technology into their bathing suits, making beachwear that is both gorgeous and supportive for a wider range of body types. read more

Model Gigi Hadid wearing the underwear as outerwear trend.

Summer 2016’s hottest trend is giving lingerie lovers a chance to show off their most luxurious garments in sophisticated style. Underwear as outerwear has been reaching new peaks in popularity over the past few years, led by fashion icons and celebrities who bare their intimate apparel as statement pieces in their outfits. This has been giving lingerie brands and designers more visibility than ever before among fashion lovers everywhere.

Le conical corset by Jean Paul Gaultier, worn by Madonna during the “Metropolis” sequence of The Blond Ambition World Tour in 1990, photographed by Emil Larsson.

“Underwear as outerwear” is no new fad, as it was first coined in the 1980’s by Malcolm McLaren when his winter 1982 collection showed a 1950’s-style bullet brassiere worn over a sweatshirt. This offbeat fashion statement was a huge inspiration to the industry, provoking designers like Jean Paul Gaultier to create some of their greatest lingerie-inspired works and performers like Madonna to wear the look out on tours. Since then, bold and beloved celebrities like Britney Spears and Rihanna have kept underwear as outerwear in vogue with barely-dressed appearances. read more

The CurveNY trade show on February  21st – 23rd, 2016 gave 350 lingerie and swimwear brands a platform to showcase their Fall/Winter 2016 collections at the Javits Center in Manhattan. The environment was improved with a royal purple carpet to match the theme of the show, plenty of rest areas with new furniture, and goody bags with water and healthy snacks to refuel visitors and exhibitors between appointments.

There were a great variety of brands on the show floor this season. New brands that have only been around for a few months were exhibiting alongside brands that have been in the industry for over a century. The cost of a single garment ranged from under $30 to nearly $1,000, appealing to buyers at all price points. Manufacturing styles among the exhibitors included authentic vintage methods from the 1940s to techniques inspired by the latest 3D printing technology. read more

Full-figure and full busted lingerie is steadily growing in the intimate apparel industry, gaining more representation in fashion and trade shows every year. The average size is increasing in the US, so the demand for larger garments is naturally following the trend. The plus size women’s clothing market has reached $18 billion in 2014 (up by about 5%). According to various sources and depending who you talk to, the most common bra size these days is either a 34DD or a 36DD. That translates to a 38C or a 38D.

This increase in visibility urges brands to expand the sizes they manufacture and encourages retailers to stock up on a wider range of sizes. The progress that’s been made hasn’t been easy to achieve. Full-figure and full busted lingerie designers must overcome unique challenges in the industry in order to bring their products into the market. read more

Missing the summer already? We’ve gathered the top Intimate Apparel and Swimwear trends for Spring/Summer 2016 to bring you a taste of what’s next in our industry.

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The Mode CityInterfilière Paris shows took place on July 4-6, 2015 at Porte de Versailles and showcased upcoming swimwear and lingerie collections. We’ll be sharing the top business and fashion trends, reported by bloggers in intimate apparel. Detailed information is available via their respective blogs. The future’s looking bright and beautiful for our industry!

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Curvexpo New York, one of the most influential intimate apparel trade shows in North America, was held from February 22 – 24, 2015 at the Javitz Center in New York City. Over 300 exhibitors from around the world gathered to showcase their Fall/Winter 2015 collections of lingerie, swimwear, loungewear, sleepwear, and menswear. It was a great opportunity for the industry to observe the most prominent trends for the upcoming season. read more

This year was an amazing one for the lingerie industry. Plenty of pop-culture’s favorite women proudly shared their passion for underfashion in 2014 with lingerie-inspired outfits. A few even released their very own collections this year! The latest lingerie trends were worn on display through sheer fabrics and draping tops, sharing peeks of strappy embellishments, hints of lace, and more. The trends this year were too beautiful to hide, adding effortlessly chic feminine mystique to any look.

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Written by Ellen Lewis of Lingerie Briefs.

I thought you might be interested in a taste of what you missed if you did not attend the Interfiliѐre New York fabric show hosted by Eurovet and Invista  on Sept 23. To be brief, besides the exhibitors, there were several interesting presentations. Invista showcased their new Lycra branding initiative, Proexport Colombia discussed the potential of the Columbian textile and apparel industry and Marshal Cohen of NPD did his retail statistical thing. But for me, the highlight was Eurovet’s Fashion Trend Exposé for Intimate Apparel.  Four major stories propel the design process for Fall 2015: Wuthering Heights, Beatrix Potter, Bloomsbury and David Hockney. Here’s a teaser: read more