Voting opens on May 14th and
closes on May 24th for the 21st
Annual Student Design Contest
sponsored by the Underfashion
Club, featuring the work of Fashion
Design Seniors at the
Institute of Technology.
“Creative Recycling for a
Sustainable Fashion Future.”
The theme of this year’s contest isClick here to view the designers and
their submissions to the Contest.
Original Illustration by Rebecca Moses

About The Underfashion Club

The Underfashion Club is the premier non-profit organization supporting the intimate apparel industry. The mission of the Underfashion Club is to ensure the future of the intimate apparel business through education and cultivating and retaining talent. We have developed partnerships at both the high school and college levels to provide financial support for students who are interested in pursuing a career in intimate apparel.

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The theme of the 2024 Student Design Contest is “Creative Recycling for a Sustainable Fashion Future”! Six talented Fashion Institute of Technology students took provided articles of clothing and upcycled them into beautiful pieces of lingerie.


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