Spring/Summer 2016 Trends in Intimate Apparel and Swimwear

Missing the summer already? We’ve gathered the top Intimate Apparel and Swimwear trends for Spring/Summer 2016 to bring you a taste of what’s next in our industry.

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The Trends Forum featured five feminine archetypes to typify the major trends in Spring/Summer 2016 lingerie and beachwear in Mode City Paris:

  1. NYMPH – Spirit of the earth, juvenile divinity, natural fibers, minimal, surface transparency.
  2. ODALISQUE – Oriental inspiration, sensual shapes, warm colors, luminous motifs, homewear.
  3. MERMAID – Fish scales, ocean tones, seductive and appealing, coating, washed-out shine.
  4. AMAZON – Coat of arms and armour, fighting spirit, geometric motifs, structured materials, like armour.
  5. LEGEND – Low and ornate necklines, symbol of power, luxurious design, architectural, oversized details.

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Mare di Moda, the leading European exhibition for beach, swimwear and lingerie fabrics and accessories, divided its Spring/Summer 2016 trends into six themes.

  1. JUNGLE FEVER – Inspired by African diversity, combining contradictions like natural vs. digital into new themes, cover-ups inspired by North African kaftans, djellabas, tunics and ponchos, tropical and tribal prints.
  2. RAVE COUTURE – Optical illusions, hourglass silhouettes, sparkly/metallic shades, acid brights, geometric patterns and disorienting effects.
  3. MEMPHIS SPORT – 80’s-inspired, exaggeratedly sporty swimwear, racy shapes and colors, bold colorblocking, compression panels, tech finishes and plastic sheen.
  4. BRUTAL GLAM – Dark/fierce/cosmic, techno armour, basic shapes, nocturnal shades, leather and latex, studs and zippers, armoured looks inspired by reptile skins.
  5. ARTIST’S GARDEN – Romanticism, athletic pleasure, languid silhouettes, flowing fabrics, botanical drawings, elegant silks and satins, enamel-like or porcelain fabric finishes.
  6. SENSORY – Healthy and strong, lines of modernist architecture, minimalist forms, strict and pure, gently contouring curves, bright whites, scent and soap-infused fabrics for sensory stimulation.

2 RAVE COUTUREvia Knitting Industry

Some of the most popular trends from recent seasons are coming back for more next year. Retro is still hot! The high-waist trend lives on, bringing back the vintage vibe with enhanced modern textiles. Decorative straps will also be seen for another season, adding a popular edgy style to any garment it embellishes.

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The bondage trend is evolving into a layered look. The once-open space between panels and straps are being connected by meshes and fishnets, decorated by laces and embroideries to soften this especially bold look.

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Which trends are you looking forward to?
See our growing collection of SS16 styles on Pinterest to see the trends in action.

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