Videos of the events of the Femmy Gala 2013 are on YouTube!

Carson Kressley hands out the Femmy awards to the most outstanding businesses in the intimate apparel industry in this video. read more

Each of the contestants in the “Midnight Garden” Student Design Contest told us a little bit about their pieces and the inspiration behind them in their interviews! Tiffany Spagnuolo with Dark Bloom 1st Prize Tessa Saccone with Moonlit Azaleas 2nd Prize Sara Shanahan with Nocturnal Blossom 3rd Prize Erin Brennan with Fleur de Rave Judy Yang with Midnight Petals Alina Kulik with Wilting Dream

The Student Design Contest of this year’s Femmy Gala was a huge success! This time around, the theme was “Midnight Garden”. The designs created by the talented FIT students were all incredibly beautiful, but only three of them could be named winners! Here are the previews of the most popular entries. More information about the pieces and the designers behind them will be available very soon, so keep an eye out!

#1 by Tiffany Spagnuolo #2 by Tessa Saccone #3 by Sara Shanahan