Recently, the UNDERFASHION CLUB spoke with Karen Curinton Rippy of both PARSONS SCHOOL OF DESIGN and the FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. We wanted to give our readers some insight into this talented Intimate Apparel teacher who is enabling her students to follow their passion for lingerie. Not only is Karen an Assistant Professor at PARSONS and Adjunct Assistant Professor at FIT, the Club is most familiar with her as Faculty Liaison for the Intimate Apparel Design contest showcasing the work of gifted FIT students at the annual FEMMY GALA.

Additionally, Karen teaches Lingerie Fundamentals at PARSONS where several Club members had the opportunity to meet the students and see their work. The May 17 design contest and members-only event featuring the work of PARSONS students can be seen on the UFC website. read more

The FiT Future of Fashion Runway Show is tonight!
They will be live-streaming the event at 7:00pm. read more

Members of the UNDERFASHION CLUB, INC. witnessed the creative abundance of talent at the senior exhibition held in the John E. Reeves Great Hall at FIT on April 25, 2017. These garments, along with other categories (Special Occasion, Sportswear, Knitwear and Childrenswear), were on display as a preview to the FUTURE OF FASHION, the graduating seniors fashion show that will be presented on Monday, May 8th at 7pm ET. Visit for more information.

These talented FIT students will be graduating in May and we spoke with a few students to gain some insight on their next steps after graduation. read more

Over the last year, the SAIG (Scholarships, Awards, Internships and Grants) committee has worked endlessly to expand the reach of the Underfashion Club, becoming integrated with more colleges and high schools that support the Intimate Apparel Industry.

Parsons School of Design is the latest school to develop an Intimate Apparel Course and, in the Fall of 2015, the SAIG committee reached out to begin to foster a relationship with Parsons educators and students. The committee met with Julia Poteat, Assistant Professor of Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design to discuss the needs and opportunities of the new program. It was brought to their attention that students were losing valuable class time, as they had to share dress forms with other students in the class. Intimate apparel dress forms differ from other industry dress forms as they have a more defined and projected chest, necessary for draping and fitting bras. read more

The Underfashion Club, Inc. is the not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization established to provide Intimate Apparel Industry leaders with a forum to exchange information and ideas, and support the Intimate Apparel market as a vital aspect of the fashion industry. Through its Scholarships, Awards, Internships and Grants (SAIG) programs, the Club supports the education of new talent.

As part of its commitment to “Education today for a better industry tomorrow,” the Underfashion Club has chosen four students from LIM College: Where Business Meets Fashion to receive scholarships for 2017. LIM College was founded in 1939 by Maxwell F. Marcuse as the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising, at the request of retailers who wanted a school that would teach students about the fashion business and merchandising. read more


DASH student ANNA MORENO read more

The Underfashion Club, with the cooperation of its members, is sponsoring a summer internship program in the New York Metropolitan area that provides an opportunity for students from the Fashion Institute of Technology to gain valuable industry experience while pursuing an academic degree. We draw upon a large pool of design, merchandising, and production majors, who commit to work as interns for 9-10 weeks starting the first week in June. Students in the program receive stipends from the Underfashion Club for 120 work hours, which can be arranged daily, weekly or as needed!We invite you to join our mission to support education for the future of the intimate apparel industry!CLICK HERE to apply for membership to The Underfashion Club and help us support education today for a better industry tomorrow!

Last week I met with a group of intimate apparel professionals to discuss the improvements needed in the industry. Andrew Sia, Publisher of Intimate Apparel Journal, headed the discussion along with his wife Mimi. As a founder of Ace Style group, a vertically-integrated women’s intimates manufacturing business covering garments, fabrics, trims, printing, retailing, wholesale, and franchising, Andrew’s established background and experience has allowed him to recognize the disconnect between all levels of the industry and in-turn create a solution. From recent graduate students, to buyers, to factory workers, it obvious that a common thread and understanding of standard practices is absent. In other words, there is no standard go-to resource that one could be educated on the technical, marketing, manufacturing and design techniques. This creates a problem in our industry. Everyone at the meeting unanimously agreed that the Intimate Apparel Journal (IAJ) is the vehicle that will solve this issue. IAJ will ultimately create a common dialogue within the industry and in turn connect the American, European and Asian markets.  At the luncheon Julia Poteat, assistant professor at Parsons The New School for Design, spoke of the possible use for IAJ in her student’s curriculum. As a new instructor at FIT teaching at the Center for Professional Studies in June, Andrew Sia believes the journal is a great resource for all students studying in the industry. I spoke of how IAJ would greatly help buyers and store owners understand why samples can not be produced over night or why certain fabrics can not be used for specific purposes. Not everyone in the industry understands these simple concepts, which is why a dialogue must be started. Every article in the journal may not always speak directly to a specific area, but it will serve as a learning tool for students, and an industry resource for professionals to keep up with trends and reports. I look forward to seeing the success of the journal along with world-wide discussion it will create in the industry

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