The 17th Annual Student Design Contest featured works by Fashion Institute of Technology students from the Fashion Design Program. The contest theme was "Modern Intimate Movement - Design for evolving lifestyles, technology and retail." Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating!

Recently, the UNDERFASHION CLUB spoke with Karen Curinton Rippy of both PARSONS SCHOOL OF DESIGN and the FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. We wanted to give our readers some insight into this talented Intimate Apparel teacher who is enabling her students to follow their passion for lingerie. Not only is Karen an Assistant Professor at PARSONS and Adjunct Assistant Professor at FIT, the Club is most familiar with her as Faculty Liaison for the Intimate Apparel Design contest showcasing the work of gifted FIT students at the annual FEMMY GALA.

Additionally, Karen teaches Lingerie Fundamentals at PARSONS where several Club members had the opportunity to meet the students and see their work. The May 17 design contest and members-only event featuring the work of PARSONS students can be seen on the UFC website. read more

Members of the UNDERFASHION CLUB, INC. witnessed the creative abundance of talent at the senior exhibition held in the John E. Reeves Great Hall at FIT on April 25, 2017. These garments, along with other categories (Special Occasion, Sportswear, Knitwear and Childrenswear), were on display as a preview to the FUTURE OF FASHION, the graduating seniors fashion show that will be presented on Monday, May 8th at 7pm ET. Visit for more information.

These talented FIT students will be graduating in May and we spoke with a few students to gain some insight on their next steps after graduation. read more

If you missed The Underfashion Club blogging seminar, it’s not too late to hear the valuable information that was shared. In this seminar, we discussed blogging with the minds behind three popular lingerie blogs: The Lingerie Addict, The Breast Life, and The Lingerie Lesbian. Learn about the value of their practice and how it affects the lingerie industry as a whole. The interviewees were…

Cora Harrington of The Lingerie Addict:
Elizabeth Dale of The Breast Life:
Caroline Elenowitz of The Lingerie Lesbian: