The next LingerieFW will take place on August 1-3 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City! Learn more about this showcasing of Spring/Summer 2014 ‪fashions‬ in the intimate apparel industry on The Lingerie Journal.

The Underfashion Club’s “A report on the Paris Show” on March 16, 2013 at The Cutting Room, NYC!

Spring/Summer 2014 Fabrics Presentation by CURVEexpo
“Seen at the Show” by Ellen Lewis on Lingerie Briefs 
Spring/Summer 2014 Trends by CARLIN Paris

Sheer clothing is back in style this year. It’s a beautiful look that’s light and allows the skin to breath through the scorching summer heat and allows lingerie to show through clothing. Fashionising discusses how the sheer trend arose and gives useful tips on sheerness and layering.

Read it here:–see-through-clothes-sheer-fashion-953.html

It’s day one of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City! The trends for the season are coming into light as models begin flooding the runways this week, showing off designers’ hot new styles. Check out the Trend Report on for expansive galleries of what’s going on in the fashion world this season Here!

So, it may still be summer, but fall is right around the corner and you need to stay ahead of the game! Shop for fall now so you can be stylish once it finally rolls around. When the leaves finally begin to change, it’s time to switch away from those whites and bright summery colors, in favor of darker, more subdued colors for the fall. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to go drab and dark with nothing but browns and blacks, a wide variety of vibrant, yet subdued colors can be mixed, matched at your desire to create the perfect looks for this fall 2010. A lot of the looks for this fall juxtapose subdued and vibrant colors alike, mix and match at your heart’s content to create the perfect looks for fall!

For a color report from the experts, check out Pantones Fall 2010 Color Report! read more

Wanna know what’s happening in the fashion world? There are all sorts of summer events this year. Sample sales, shows and entertainment — this is, after all, New York City.

Check out The Cut Blog’s fashion calender  for the latest in upcoming events!

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The Cutout

Cutouts, or monokinis, are perhaps the hottest trend this summer. These swimsuits feature strategically placed holes of varying sizes on the sides of the suit for a chic and elegant look. Cutouts successfully bridge the gap between bikinis and one pieces, quite literally. Popular this year are asymmetrical cutouts which add a little unexpected zest to ones look. read more

Stripes are fun, and they’re back — and we are all asking ourselves the same question: “horizontal stripes? NO WAY.” But, here’s a super fun little slide show showing some clean and ladylike horizontal stripes that are actually both fun and flattering. Check it out! Especially the shoes.

Just in case you needed extra incentive, this year’s spring and summer fashions will definitely have you making your way to the closest gym. Super short is back in, and those hemlines are creeping up shorter than ever! Hot pants and the like are back in action!

Click on the link below to get all the details, tips, rules for wearing and styles via! read more

So if you took us up on our Swimsuit Buying Tips from our last post, you’ve found your perfect suit and you’re (almost — weather providing) ready to wear it to the beach. After a few weeks, those great bright colors start to fade out, those little ball-shaped pieces of fluff start to appear and you can feel the lycra-spandex blends slowly slipping away from the places it should cling to.

Wait! What happened?! I just bought this suit!

The likeliest culprit was — well, you. A little bit of simple bathing suit care can go a long long way. The main offenders here are salt, sun, hot tubs, sun lotion, and chlorine. The material that allows you to achieve that great stretch and comfort in your suit, Lycra, is more fragile than most wearers are aware of. It’s easily worn down by chlorine and chemicals and abrasive surfaces like concrete patios can tear the fabric. Hot water is the first step to stretching the elastic and once it hits the perilous environment of your washing machine, consider it destroyed. While you can’t avoid most of these elemental wears and tears, a little bit of Swimsuit TLC can help prolong the life of your bathing costume. read more