Uh oh! It’s that time again – Women around the country will soon be scurrying about to Department Store racks performing the arduous but necessary task of the one and only: Swimsuit Shopping. Buying a swimsuit is a necessity that most women dread, but curb your fears, ladies. We, at the Underfashion Club will help you move and wade through the countless options of swimwear and help you learn how to choose the perfect cut and style for your body type – plus some tips too. Now, onto the proverbial question – How do I choose a swimsuit style??

Provided that you are in the 1% of super slim cellulite-less Americans that half of the swimsuits seem to be made for, you have quite the plethora of swimsuit options. Of course, most of us (over half of Americans are considered overweight) don’t ‘fit’ into that category – but fear not! There are plenty of ways to play up your strong points and best assets. When purchasing a suit, take the time to consider the different styles and features available so you can decide what’s right for your specific needs. read more

Annouk Post in the always-fun Eco Fashion World has a cute article on the latest underwear fashion trends here. The “Oops, I forgot my skirt” look, statement panties, Recessionista looks, and ecologically friendly fabrics, oh my!