Looking Back at 2014’s Lingerie Trends

This year was an amazing one for the lingerie industry. Plenty of pop-culture’s favorite women proudly shared their passion for underfashion in 2014 with lingerie-inspired outfits. A few even released their very own collections this year! The latest lingerie trends were worn on display through sheer fabrics and draping tops, sharing peeks of strappy embellishments, hints of lace, and more. The trends this year were too beautiful to hide, adding effortlessly chic feminine mystique to any look.

cdelevigne_gl_16nov11_rex_bCara Delevingne via Glamour

Lingerie Trends from Spring/Summer 2014

The lingerie in SS14 collections were often floral, vibrant, earthy and bold. Recurring colors included fruity yellows and pinks, earthy greens, browns, and sky blues.

Lingerie Styist Carnival TrendSS14 Graphic via Lingerie Stylist

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Lingerie Trends from Autumn/Winter 2014

The AW14 collections were strappy, sheer, textured, and color blocked. Colors (if not monochromatic) included purples, reds, blues, earthy tones, neons, and neutrals. Hues ranged from dark and regal to pale pastels.

Interfiliere-AW-1415-03LAW14 Graphic via Fashion Trendsetter

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We also have Pinterest boards full of 2014 lingerie photography divided by season.
Take a look through them to spot the trends yourself!

Lingerie Spring/Summer 2014
Lingerie Autumn/Winter 2014

What were your favorite lingerie trends in 2014?