Unearth Your Imagination ~ Salon International De La Lingerie

by Lingerie Briefs


It was unusually cool in Cabo yesterday; a blanket of dark clouds coating the sky. I decided to take a long walk in the arid hills behind my house.  One might question my decision. Hiking through the desert is not often a first choice destination. This terrain, often perceived as a dry and barren space is, to me, a place of serene beauty.  A mix of sun washed color, the landscape transforms after the rainy season, a sweep of green, sculpted by multiple species of cacti. This year, because of the intensity of Hurricane Odile, it is still, in January, a mass of verdant undergrowth.  What made this particular sojourn so special, though, was the discovery of a beautiful white flower, spectacular in its singular presence on the stalk of a giant cardόn cactus.  To me, finding the unexpected is always a catalyst for the creative process.


This got me thinking about my upcoming trip to Paris in order to attend the Salon International De LaLingerie.  Every year, I plan this journey with a modicum of hesitation. I ruminate about the cost and the time spent. I even question myself as I navigate through jet lag to see collections that might not even be available in North America. BUT I have NEVER departed sorry. I ALWAYS unearth something new that changes my current perspective on the direction of intimate apparel.  I am reminded why I believe that Lingerie is an art form.  Stepping away from home base opens a whole world of discovery.


These expositions, produced by Eurovet, the purveyors of the world’s most acclaimed lingerie shows, are a buyer and designers trove of inspiration. Yes, of course you can write orders here, but more importantly you can mine ideas that will change the face of your business and drive it forward. The resource opportunities offered to visitors: conferences, seminars, runway fashion, trend forums, etc. provide insight that transforms this expo from a pageant of vendor stands to a dynamic domain of poetic justice.

“The Difficulty Lies Not So Much In Developing New Ideas As In Escaping From Old Ones.”
~John Maynard Keynes