SAIG committee announced that the new theme for this year’s Femmy awards will be “Shaping the Future”.  Work with FIT students is already under way on this exciting new vision with support and mentoring from Professor Alexandra Armillas.

The committee has reviewed 12 original concept boards and voted on their 9 favorites.
”According to Suzanne Beck of the Saig Committee, the concepts ranged from very embellished, to strappy & sexy, to clean minimalist but all with a fresh new young twist.  This year’s contestants have been asked to focus on the more practical side of design. read more

The 2014 FEMMY AWARDS, presented by The Underfashion Club, Inc., the intimate apparel industry charitable organization dedicated to education, is scheduled for Tuesday, February 4, 2014 and will take place at Cipriani 42nd Street between Lexington Avenue and Park Avenue in New York City.

The Femmy Awards honor those individuals and companies that have significantly contributed to the Intimate Apparel Industry and its growth.  The Gala is recognized as one of the premier events in the Intimate Apparel Industry, and is the fundraising vehicle that enables the Underfashion Club to support its extensive Scholarship, Awards, Internship and Grants (SAIG) programs.  These efforts bring to life the Underfashion Club’s credo of “Education today for a better industry tomorrow.”  read more

Videos of the events of the Femmy Gala 2013 are on YouTube!

Carson Kressley hands out the Femmy awards to the most outstanding businesses in the intimate apparel industry in this video. read more

Each of the contestants in the “Midnight Garden” Student Design Contest told us a little bit about their pieces and the inspiration behind them in their interviews! Tiffany Spagnuolo with Dark Bloom 1st Prize Tessa Saccone with Moonlit Azaleas 2nd Prize Sara Shanahan with Nocturnal Blossom 3rd Prize Erin Brennan with Fleur de Rave Judy Yang with Midnight Petals Alina Kulik with Wilting Dream

The Student Design Contest of this year’s Femmy Gala was a huge success! This time around, the theme was “Midnight Garden”. The designs created by the talented FIT students were all incredibly beautiful, but only three of them could be named winners! Here are the previews of the most popular entries. More information about the pieces and the designers behind them will be available very soon, so keep an eye out!

#1 by Tiffany Spagnuolo #2 by Tessa Saccone #3 by Sara Shanahan

The photos are videos of the Femmy Gala 2012 are in!

Check out the designs and winners of the Student Design Contest of the year: read more

The Femmy Gala 2012 with our special host, Carson Kressley, was a blast! The honorees of the year were Century 21 Department Stores, Fruit of the loom, Top Form Brassiere Mfg. Co. Ltd, Penn Asia Co. Ltd, and Victor Vega for their innovation and dedication to our industry! Speaking of innovation and dedication, check out the gorgeous designs of this years Student Design Contest. They’re all so beautiful, it’s difficult to pick a favorite!

From left to right, here are the contesters and their designs.

=&0=& 1. Claudia Mesiti’s “Linear Opulence” 2. Nina Trimble’s “Deco Diamonds” 3. Lauren Haron’s “Sheer Radiance” 4. Amy Gianforcaro’s “Diamond Cut” 5. Yecca Zeng’s “All the Right Angles” 6. Nicole Ward’s “Pure Abstraction” For more coverage on the event, see the article on The Wall Street Journal that highlights some of what went on!

“Nestled in the comforting bosom of awards season, somewhere between the SAG Awards and the International 3D Society Awards, was this year’s Femmy Gala.The Femmys is the “premiere event” of the Intimate Apparel field, as well as a fund-raiser for the Underfashion Club, which supports and encourages new talent in the field through scholarships, awards, internships and the like. In our newly set life-long quest to infiltrate the Oscars of every industry, the Femmys suddenly found itself at the very top of our list.” read more

A big thanks to all our attendees and members for another wonderful Femmy Gala this year!

The pictures from the Femmy’s are up! Take a look at them here.

On February 1, at the Underfashion Club’s Femmy Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City, six intimate apparel students from the Fashion Institute of Technology  competed in the 8th annual student design contest. The contest is an integral part of the Underfashion Club’s mission to help educate, influence and attract new talent for the industry.

The six garments were displayed throughout the evening, and the 600+ gala attendees representing all facets of the international intimate apparel community cast their votes, as follows: read more