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Are you so passionate about lingerie that you’re thinking about starting a business? You’ll have to take these steps in order to get started:

A recently completed 15-year study conducted by French scientist Jean-Denis Rouillon observed the relationship between bras and breasts. Results suggest that bras might cause expediated sagging in breasts. We’ve rounded up a few responses to the study that are worth reading.

Lingerie Briefs – French Bra Study Exposed: Perks Up Media, Deflates Women’s Busts
The Lingerie Addict – Do Bras Prevent Breast Sagging?: Why We’re Having The Wrong Conversation
Lingerie Talk – Are You Better Off Without A Bra? read more

Lingerie Fashion Week is finally here! This highly-anticipated event was created and directed by Lauren Rich. She was interviewed about it by The Lingerie Addict, revealing a little bit about what this event means for lingerie and fashion. Interested? Read it on Cora’s blog.

Bodies inevitably change over time, making bras that once fit perfectly no longer sit on the body quite right. Whether it’s an issue with the band or the cup, there are ways to make the adjustments yourself. Cloth Habit has fantastic visual guides in their “Bra-making Sew Along” series of blog posts that show us exactly how to go about adjusting bras.

Band adjustment: read more

Need guides to making your own bra? Cloth Habit is a great resource with plenty of useful advice for materials and patterns.

Patterns: read more

Don’t own a pair of shimmering tights? Transform one of your own tights with glitter, just in time for the holidays! The Beauty Thesis has a photo guide:

Does your lingerie collection change according to the season? As the cold winter approaches, you might want to consider lingerie designed for warmth. There’s a whole variety of bodysuits, camisoles  and gorgeous embroidered pieces that can be worn seamlessly underneath warm knit sweaters.

Lingerie Talk shares their thoughts some great warm styles on their website. Read It Here.


Do your bra straps often slip off of your shoulders? It might be time to start trying on a different bra size. The exact reason why it’s happening to you could be one of these 5 described on Butterfly Collection’s blog:

1. Your Band is Too Big
2. Your Cups are Too Small
3. Your Cups are Too Big
4. Your Bra is Designed for Taller Women
5. Sloping Shoulders read more

Today is Stockings Day! Celebrate by wearing your favorite pair out this wonderful Friday night. If you don’t own a pair, you’re missing out on one of the most sensual pieces of lingerie to exist. Consider buying yourself a fresh pair to celebrate! Cup sizes aren’t fixed. The volumes of a cup actually depend greatly on the band that supports it. Butterfly Collection has written a great comprehensive description on how cups relate to bands, clearly explains the math and reason behind it, and even created a fantastic chart that makes it all easy to understand! Here’s an excerpt:

“One of our most popular blog posts is ‘Not All D Cups Are The Same’ which explains that the volume of D cups (all cups in fact) gets bigger as the band size gets bigger. This is why a woman wearing a 32E can also wear a 34D because the cup volume is the same, only the band is different. “