Tuesday evening the membership committee hosted a terrific presentation, “Building Your Professional Network With LinkedIn.” The event, organized by Tristine Berry and Victoria Vandagriff, was held at Fashion Group International in NYC. There were 70 people in attendance, including 14 new members.  Tristine  introduced Guest Speaker, Author and Career Coach, John Crant. John addressed the audience focusing in on the strategic benefits of LinkedIn.

I was initially a bit wary; I already have over 1,300 connections on the site.  But besides being thoroughly entertained, I learned several LinkedIn secrets that turned my perspective about the purpose and potential of the site around.  This mega networking machine is a great way to promote a business.  It is a communication powerhouse that cannot be ignored.  And there is no doubt, that for anyone searching for a career change, it is the premiere go to social media tool available today.  John’s expertise is well documented both on his website at www.selfrecruiter.com and in his book “Self Recruiter® Changing the Rules.” read more