So if you took us up on our Swimsuit Buying Tips from our last post, you’ve found your perfect suit and you’re (almost — weather providing) ready to wear it to the beach. After a few weeks, those great bright colors start to fade out, those little ball-shaped pieces of fluff start to appear and you can feel the lycra-spandex blends slowly slipping away from the places it should cling to.

Wait! What happened?! I just bought this suit!

The likeliest culprit was — well, you. A little bit of simple bathing suit care can go a long long way. The main offenders here are salt, sun, hot tubs, sun lotion, and chlorine. The material that allows you to achieve that great stretch and comfort in your suit, Lycra, is more fragile than most wearers are aware of. It’s easily worn down by chlorine and chemicals and abrasive surfaces like concrete patios can tear the fabric. Hot water is the first step to stretching the elastic and once it hits the perilous environment of your washing machine, consider it destroyed. While you can’t avoid most of these elemental wears and tears, a little bit of Swimsuit TLC can help prolong the life of your bathing costume. read more

Uh oh! It’s that time again – Women around the country will soon be scurrying about to Department Store racks performing the arduous but necessary task of the one and only: Swimsuit Shopping. Buying a swimsuit is a necessity that most women dread, but curb your fears, ladies. We, at the Underfashion Club will help you move and wade through the countless options of swimwear and help you learn how to choose the perfect cut and style for your body type – plus some tips too. Now, onto the proverbial question – How do I choose a swimsuit style??

Provided that you are in the 1% of super slim cellulite-less Americans that half of the swimsuits seem to be made for, you have quite the plethora of swimsuit options. Of course, most of us (over half of Americans are considered overweight) don’t ‘fit’ into that category – but fear not! There are plenty of ways to play up your strong points and best assets. When purchasing a suit, take the time to consider the different styles and features available so you can decide what’s right for your specific needs. read more

Women’s swimwear care

While it’s fun to buy a new bathing suit every spring, you may want yours to last longer — especially once you’ve found a swimsuit that you really love! If you wear your swimsuit in the pool, make sure you rinse it out as soon as possible after your swim because chlorine can wear down the material in your women’s swimwear quickly. When you need to wash your swimsuit, hand wash it in cool water with a gentle detergent. Allow it to hang dry in the shade or indoors — never in the direct sunlight. When your swimsuit starts to lose it shape and sag, it’s time to give it the boot and start shopping for a replacement.