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Shaping The Century ~ An Underfashion Event


It should be fairly obvious by now, that this site is about excellence in product. And for all intents and purposes, the focus is clearly on Lingerie. But once and awhile, a critical threshold emerges and the subject matter needs to change. I am not deserting the world of Lingerie, just re-channeling my merchandising perspective from emphasis on garment to emphasis on a different kind of industry product, the Underfashion Club; the premiere Intimate Apparel business organization of which I am a member.

It is their upcoming event on September 29th featuring industry icon, David Wolfe, Creative Director of the Doneger Group and LIM Professor of Fashion History, Amanda Hallay that has caught my attention. Entitled Shaping the Century, this father-daughter act promises to be a dynamic tête-à-tête on fashion trends and the impact that seismic social changes are having on the cultural landscape.


David, whose career began in the shifting 1960’s as a fashion illustrator covering couture before digital choices existed, was the founder of the first ever retail trend report.  After 20 years in Europe, a heartbeat ahead of the next new thing, he settled in at Doneger where he has never failed to captivate creative audiences for the past 25 years.

Amanda, David’s daughter grew up in the business, schooled in the History of Art and spent time as a trend-spotter.  She now teaches at LIM with accolades that I have heard first hand from her students.  With a full grasp of what makes a garment sell she has made it clear that she is not interested in fashion. She is interested in what people wear.

How does someone earn the status of industry icon? It is a constant delivery of their personal promise. I haven’t met Amanda yet, but I do know David. He never fails in his promise to bring clarity and vision to the fashion industry and he does it with extraordinary style. I have no doubt that Amanda, schooled in his studio, is cut from the very same cloth.

Some people have an uncanny talent to smell, taste and feel an emerging trend before it has spoken. As a result they have the power to influence. This is how David has earned his outstanding reputation. I have seen his presentations countless times.  I promise, if you attend, it will be a hell of a show!


“He’s An Excellent Predictor Of Trends . . I Think He’s One Of The Best”
June Weir, former editor of WWD, Vogue, Harper’s The NY Times Sunday Magazine in reference to David Wolfe

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