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NYC’s Fashion Night Out!

Did you miss out on Fashion’s Night Out? Not familiar with it? Celebrating its second year, this event is so much more than fashion. Donating to the NYC AIDS fund, and easing economic crisis with its sale of t-shirts and other swag, Fashion’s Night Out is not like any other in its industry. Taking place on Friday, September 10th, celebrities, fashionistas and industry experts got together to sip on champagne, shop till the wee hours and dance the night away all for the cause of Fashion. This year was an enormous success, bringing about industry mark makers such as Diane von Furstenberg, and the cast of Project Runway. Check out the live-streamed video of that night to get amped for next year!



Choosing the right pair of Nylons!


Nylons are a classic piece of fashion that can be used to spice up any regular outfit, or make a sexy addition to your favorite underwear or lingerie.
Nylon stockings can help improve your appearance drastically by masking imperfections or discoloration of the skin on the legs as well as shaping them to give them a more defined appearance. For some, nylons are nearly a must with every outfit that exposes any part of the legs.
Choosing the right pair, as well as taking care of your legs are key to making a pair of nylons work for you. One of the most important things is keeping your legs clean-shaven and moisturized to prevent at all costs unsightly hair or dry, rough skin impacting the outward appearance of your nylons. The last thing you want is to have hair poking through! Make sure you buy and use the right color and size as well. You don’t want to walk around and have worry about stockings falling down your legs! As for color, it is a matter of personal taste for most, but make sure that the color matches well with your outfit! Especially your shoes.
For more information on buying and how to wear nylons, check out beauty tips article here.
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