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On April 20, 2016 the abundance of talent that was represented by the FIT students was truly extraordinary.  Several of the SAIG committee members from the UNDERFASHION CLUB observed with delight the garments designed by the BFA Intimate Apparel students.  These garments, as well as eveningwear, sportswear, knits and children’s wear were on display in the John E. Reeves Great Hall at FIT as a preview to the FUTURE OF FASHION….the fashion show the graduating seniors will present on May 5th.  

These BFA students will be graduating in May and kudos to Professor Alexandra Armillas and her students!  We were thrilled to be invited to the preview and wondered how many of the 23 Intimate Apparel garments represented here would be in the fashion show…….we vote for all of them!

Here is a peek of the garments we saw……..


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I spoke with one of the students that had two garments in the exhibit…Samantha Simione is from New Jersey and will graduate with a BFA in Fashion Design in May.  She loves the fact that lingerie is so detail oriented….in fact her bustier incorporated 15 yards of trim.  Samantha has benefited from UFC’s internship program and looks forward to continuing on her intimates path!  Congratulations Samantha!

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Clelia Parisi, Walter Costello (UFC Board Members) with Eileen Karp – Chair, Fashion Design Dept. at FIT



In keeping with the UNDERFASHION CLUB’S credo “Education today for a better industry tomorrow”, the Club’s SAIG committee met on the evening of April 21, 2016 at the FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY to interview 19 very talented Intimate Apparel designers.  It was a long evening but totally worth all the effort put into the night’s special scholarship interviews.  And just to be clear, both design and production students were vying for a scholarship.  The committee members were taken with the talent these students exhibited….the portfolios, sketches and garments presented were amazing.  The scholarships that the club awards to these deserving students will help them immensely with their school expenses and tuition.

It was a pleasure to be a part of this significant evening!  Be sure to check back with us to learn more about our scholarship program.




UFC: Summer Internship Program Opportunities

The Underfashion Club, with the cooperation of its members, is sponsoring a summer internship program in the New York Metropolitan area that provides an opportunity for students from the Fashion Institute of Technology to gain valuable industry experience while pursuing an academic degree. We draw upon a large pool of design, merchandising, and production majors, who commit to work as interns for 9-10 weeks starting the first week in June. Students in the program receive stipends from the Underfashion Club for 120 work hours, which can be arranged daily, weekly or as needed!We invite you to join our mission to support education for the future of the intimate apparel industry!CLICK HERE to apply for membership to The Underfashion Club and help us support education today for a better industry tomorrow!