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Curvexpo New York: Fall/Winter 2018-19 Intimate Apparel Trends

Eurovet’s Curvexpo New York Mode Lingerie and Swim trade show took place at the Javits Center from February 26-28, 2018. Exhibitors featured Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collections to buyers, industry partners, and known industry leaders in all Intimate Apparel and Swimwear categories. Most North American lingerie boutiques (57%) reported improvements in sales in 2017. In order to keep this trend going, businesses should recognize the preferences of a generation that will make up 50% of the working force by 2020: Millennials.

Millennials, known as the “wireless generation,” currently comprise 30% of the global population at 2.5 billion. Millennial mothers have some of the highest purchasing power in history. They tend to be eco-conscious and drawn to brands with sustainable practices and embrace the developments of digital technology. This generation has shown a preference for “barely there” styles like wireless bras and soft bralettes — a trend that is here to stay. Comfort is expected and many reject artificial padding or “enhancements.”

Comfort is key to the future of lingerie, especially without compromising beauty or sex appeal. Many garments in these collections are made with ultra-light, breathable, and natural fibers that prevent skin irritation such as modal cotton, silk, microfiber, nylon, 3D spacer fabrics and laces that are pleasant to the touch. Fuzzy and fluffy coverups and robes made of faux fur or wool will be hot for Fall/Winter 2018-19. Soft and warm materials like velvet and suede are gaining traction in intimate apparel.

Much of modern lingerie is sleek and minimalistic. T-shirt bras remain very popular with superior fit and more smoothness than ever before. Seamless styles like bodysuits and bralettes are very much on trend, which is shown in the strong lack of wires this season. Comfort and support is instead accomplished with technical solutions such as slings in cups and specialized lycra fabrics. Versatility is valued, so these garments seek to accommodate different functions and body types to make women’s lives easier.

As a counter-trend to modern sleekness, geometric and linear patterns, mesh panels, embroidery, quirky prints, and ribbed fabrics were salient stylistic trends at Curvexpo. Straps and cut-out details are still in. Bold-striped functional elastics with a sporty, contemporary style will be seen in a variety of designs. Transparency effects and patchwork, achieved with mixed mesh, were among the top trends. Embroidery with novel designs and tulle trims embellish luxury garments. There were playful graphics such as butterflies, dragons, koi, stars and cats on display. Metallic glints and golden pigments will inspire lingerie as outerwear looks.

Fuller bust bras and size expansions are being embraced by brands. Plus size cups are a sure sell for many boutiques and the plus size market is growing globally. Body positivity and inclusivity is integral to the identity of some of the most relevant brands today. Flesh tones for everyone, trendy nursing bras, and androgynous styles are picking up in popularity. The intimate apparel industry is well on its way to providing beautiful lingerie for everybody!

CurveNY – Spring/Summer 2018

Eurovet’s Curvexpo New York trade show gave a platform for over 350 exhibiting intimate apparel and swimwear brands to share their Spring/Summer 2018 collections with thousands of buyers and visitors at the Jacob Javits Center in August 2017. We scouted the show floor for the most salient trends of the season.


Bralettes and androgynous basics are picking up in popularity. Comfort is key in an active and fast-paced society and the no-fuss nature of these garments provides a functional foundation for a working lifestyle. Their lighter structure and breathability are appropriate for the sunny and warm seasons.


Embroidery illustrated a certain femininity in various lingerie styles. Like lace, embroidery adds a level of dimension and sophistication to the garment it adorns.


Summer 2018’s prints are multicolored and organic with animal prints and an abundance of leafy and floral patterns. Graphic and striking impressions are trending with digital aesthetic influence.


One-piece swimsuits are making a tremendous comeback, implementing a refreshing variety of modern stylistic trends. These supportive and athletic garments were seen with asymmetrical shapes, extra straps or cut-out details, earthy prints and bohemian themes.

See more photos from CURVENY in our Facebook album:

CURVENY Fall/Winter 2017 Collections

Curvexpo celebrated their 10th year anniversary at the Jacob Javits Center in New York from Monday, February 27th to Wednesday, March 1st, 2017. This world-renowned lingerie and swimwear trade show featured collections for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2017 seasons from over 600 exhibitors.

A festive display of mannequins adorned in lingerie lined the entry of the show floor, displaying some of the most prominent trends from over the last decade.

Top Trends:

  1. Athleisure
  2. Bralettes
  3. Nude Illusion
  4. Lace and Embroidery Applique
  5. Bodysuits, Rompers, and Teddies
  6. Bondage-style, Harnesses, Strappy and Cut-out Details
  7. High Neck Bras and Racerback Bras
  8. Ultra-luxurious Loungewear
  9. Nude Lingerie for All Skin Tones
  10. Increased Full Bust and Plus Size Options
  11. Corsetry and Shapewear

Fabric Trends

With the rise in athleisure comes a demand for comfortable, flexible fabrics. Feel good modal is becoming more popular as a leisurewear textile for many brands and breathable materials like spacer fabrics are being used in activewear, enhancing the functionality of fashion in motion.

Soft and insulating velvet is trending as a luxurious and warm fabric option for Fall/Winter 2017 intimate apparel and loungewear.

Style Trends

Full coverage garments such as bodysuits are en vogue and brands are focused on making these supportive styles more beautiful than ever before. Cut outs, high necks, and plunging necklines add extra dimensions to these garments, bringing even more extravagance to the lingerie as an outerwear trend. Strappy embellishments continue to thrive and many garments have simulated this style with sheer mesh panels, creating linear details with negative space.

Intimates are becoming a medium for creative illustrations with embroideries, strategically placed on Fall/Winter intimates that may be obscured beneath thick layers of clothing.

Technology for wearability is making improvements throughout the industry, especially in activewear. Brands are opting for more natural silhouettes, following the demand for comfort that came with last year’s boom in bralettes.

Color Trends

Pantone’s color of the year is “greenery” and this is reflected in intimate apparel through the prevalence of peacock green tones. Deep reds, cool blues, and slate grays were present in many collections, communicating a common wintery theme.

There are now more shades of nude than ever before, expanding to meet the needs of a diverse market.

We’re looking forward to seeing how these trends may thrive in the future!

Interfiliere NY 2016 Trends



Interfiliere, hosted by Eurovet, is the leading trade show for intimates, beachwear, and swimwear fabrics around the world. Dozens of exhibiting mills and hundreds of companies shared their latest fabrics with buyers and industry professionals at The Tunnel in New York on September 22nd, 2016. The latest intimate apparel style trends were on display, sharing the great variety in tastes among today’s lingerie brands and their customers.

Body Sculpting

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 4.52.21 PM

“Shapewear moves from a control business into the art of decoration from refined flat edge engineered second skin solutions to corset extravagance. Decorating the body with the latest technological super stretch developments.”

Eclectic Wardrobes

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 4.36.42 PM

“Start-up lingerie brands already target a new woman who blends lingerie with outerwear. New rules for colours, merchandising and presentation. Leisuree, bodyfashion & swimtimates… Welcome to a new era of luxury!”

Sensual Flowers

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 4.37.23 PM

“Fetishist and bondage updated and redirected with the refinement of oriental eroticism. New scales for floral decoration in laces and embroidery, on novelty mesh and fine transparent grounds. Blending techniques and genres.”

Athleisure Fun

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 4.38.16 PM

“The sky is the limit after the athletic performances during the Olympics. Setting new standards for ‘technology with charm.’ Performance from the club to the beach and the gym includes glittery accents and thermo control.”

Quirky Mixes

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 4.44.27 PM

“Fun designs and bright colours and trims play a lead role in the young bodyfashion crossover with beach and leisure. Playful patches and prints with emoji’s mix freely with vintage evergreens. A style language with Gucci accents.”

Natural Comfort

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 4.42.33 PM

“Savoring every moment of life with a refocus on the comfort of everyday. An upgrading on all levels, including the true value of innovation for everyday wear. On the forefront knit and fibre and wire technology: comfort X gorgeous.”


Athleisure has major potential for growth, earning it its own special presentation during the Interfiliere trade show. Athleisure apparel is versatile, multi-purpose apparel designed for athletic and leisure time activities. Sports bras alone are a 1.5 billion dollar market, with 41% of its consumers buying them for non-sports use. Sports apparel and footwear segments have witnessed a 42% growth over the last seven years, and is predicted to grow another 30% by 2020.

The athleisure customer is health-conscious and urban, in need of comfortable and functional clothing to wear when out and about. The style is valued for exceptional fit and performance as its customers are highly attuned to the technology benefits of her purchase. Invista presented its fiber solutions and Lycra technologies used in fabrics that maximize the performance of athleisure apparel without sacrificing style or comfort. Athleisure is the fashion of the future with great promise for business opportunity.

See more photos of the Interfiliere New York 2016 show in our Facebook album!

Interfiliere FB Album

CurveNY: Intimate Apparel and Swim Trends for Spring/Summer 2017


The 18th edition of Mode Lingerie and Swim, CURVEXPO New York, took place from July 31st to August 2nd, 2016 at the Javits Center in Manhattan. Hundreds of exhibitors shared their Spring/Summer 2017 collections and more on the show floor! This season’s show featured a great variety of garments, rich in bright colors and tropical patterns to celebrate the aesthetic of warmer seasons.



Swimwear for 2017 is beaming with multicultural imagery with patterns inspired by cultures across the globe, created primarily by Brazilian brands. African designs like Moroccan and Kenyan prints are very trendy this season, but there is no shortage of traditional beach imagery like Hawaiian palm leaves and nautical stripes. The demands of full-bust customers have prompted many swimwear brands to implement cup-size technology into their bathing suits, making beachwear that is both gorgeous and supportive for a wider range of body types.



Men’s underwear is on trend, promising to bring many of the vibrant summer colors and prints into men’s closets. These new collections feature highly expressive visuals on functional materials like compression sports fabrics and high-grade cotton. Old school Polynesian designs and peppy prints like pineapples and palm trees are evident in menswear, keeping this segment of the industry in sync with the season’s favorite styles.



Sports and wire-free bras as a category could be today’s most influential trend in intimate apparel. The athleisure trend has brands creating more fashion-forward sportswear that can be worn all day as part of casual outfits. Bralettes are also extremely popular this summer for their breathability and comfort and this tradeshow guaranteed that it isn’t just a passing fad. Expect even more options in stores next summer as companies use their latest technology to bring these modern trends to new heights.



The plus-size consumer is clearly a valued voice in the market as all types of garments are being made to serve her. Each season shows increased efforts by brands to expand their size range, specifically to include this substantial market in their customer base. Trends like bralettes and strappy embellishments are being made available to a wider range of body types in an effort to keep all women in the loop of the latest lingerie looks.



One intriguing trend we saw at Curve this season were garments that portray full environments. These creative prints take you to a different place in a fashion that’s direct, yet imaginative. The latest developments in digital fabric printing makes these types of designs possible, which is very exciting for the future of fashion. Which trends are you looking forward to most for Spring/Summer 2017?

See more photos from the event on our Facebook page.


Interfilière New York 2015


The Interfilière trade shows are an opportunity for leading international intimates, swimwear, and performance sourcing and fabrics platforms to share their latest materials and textiles to buyers in the intimate apparel industry. On September 21, 2015, 48 top international mills gathered in the Altman Building in New York City to present their latest developments at the Interfilière New York trade show, hosted by Eurovet.


Summer 2017 color/style trends were illustrated by an organized and informative display.

Prototype Color Trends

24: blue ceramique
23: frost
22: brume
21: horizon


20: blond gold
19: jade
18: biscotte


17: toasted copper
16: fruit paste
15: jam
14: chestnut ice cream
13: delicacy


12: powder
11: laquer
10: erotic
09: chestnut
08: mushroom


07: biuberry
06: orchid
05: iris
04: chocolate
03: turquin
02: truffle
01: nocturne


Summer 2017 Style Trends

Sexy Architecture: structured, embroidered, variety in textures, dark and sensual.


Smooth & Gorgeous: fragile, sheer, pastels, minimal with smooth textures, uses yarn technology and finer, more delicate fabrics for a beautiful flat surface texture.


Dried Flowers: 3D floral prints, vibrant colors, naturalness, garden inspiration, femininity, draping details, lacy and sheer fabrics with embroidered patterns.


New Lingerie Generation:  youthful, unconventional styles, bold messages, and quirky prints suited to rising hipster trends.


Beach Wardrobes: nautical patterns, natural colors, organic elements, busy/mixed prints, and high-performance, breathable fabrics.


Urban Active: athliesure, cosmic prints, neon colors, urban art, passion, power mesh and reflective materials, combining powerful performance fabrics with leisurely styles.


An exclusive Summer 2017 trend presentation entitled “Evolution: The New Dimensions” was delivered by Jos Berry, a woman with a worldwide reputation as a creative driver of the lingerie and beachwear industry.



A few highlights from Jos Berry’s Summer 2017 trend presentation:

  • Sports and athliesure are at the fashion frontier, serving as proof that the fashion world is getting more casual every year.
  • The enormous impact of indie brands indicates that consumers that are not interested in the sameness of the shopping environment, especially in lingerie retail.
  • Lace is not a question of in or out. Fiber manufacturers are creating many kinds of versatile laces, which is an essential ingredient to retailers.
  • Beachwear symbolizes pleasure and has evolved, implementing elements of loungewear and adapting many kinds of fabrics.
  • Cosmos in print is trending, discovering new vistas for design. We’re looking for novelty in organic design.
  • Skin art in fabrics follows the tattoo trend. It is a spontaneous and young way of decorating. The fine lines achieved in fabrics are a result of new technology.
  • Revival of the classics: wireless is a tremendous best seller.
  • Be multiple! Get out of the comfort zone and innovate.

It was a brilliant show. Which trends are you looking forward to seeing in the future?

CurveNY: August 2015

CurveNY August 2015

The semi-annual CurveExpo trade show in New York took place on August 2-4 at the Javits Center in Manhattan. Over 300 exhibitors shared their Spring/Summer 2016 lingerie and swimwear collections with thousands of retailers, boutiques, and e-commerce sites. Intimate apparel sales over the past year have been reported as over $10.9 billion.


Many brands are now providing more comfort and coverage in their loungewear and lingerie alike. This trend is reflected in statistics from over the past year, showing that there’s been a 7% decline in thong sales and a 17% increase in full-coverage underwear sales. New technology is manufacturing softer and stronger textiles, making intimate apparel even more comfortable and functional than ever before. 


A growing trend in diversity continues to impact our industry. More shades of “nude” are being represented through a variety of dye hues. Garments tailored to fuller figures and maternity bodies had an especially strong presence this year. It seems that the #diversityinlingerie movement has been making a real impact in the industry.



Vivica A. Fox, the hostess of our most successful 2015 Femmy Awards Gala, has joined the growing group of celebrities to have released their very own lingerie collections! We were excited to see it being displayed for the very first time at CurveNY. The deep, warm holiday colors and curve-flattering cuts were simply gorgeous.


CurveNY was an absolute delight. It’s been growing in popularity each year — a trend we expect will continue well into the future. The industry has been seeing many exciting new innovations with each season!

Did you attend CurveNY? If so, what caught your eye?

Interfiliѐre New York 2014 Fabrics Show

INY Panorama

On September 23rd, 2014, the Interfiliѐre New York fabrics show returned to Manhattan! Thirty two mills from across the globe showcased their best textiles at 82 Mercer Street for buyers and retailers. The successful selections will be used in creating 2015 intimate apparel and swimwear collections, defining trends before they’ve even taken shape.


Below, we’ve listed the exhibitors and events of Interfiliѐre New York 2014.

The Mills

Apsara Silks, Baikai Warp Knitting, Billon Design, Bischoff Textil AG, Boselli, Carvico, Fleischmann Karl, Hang Gang Lace, Iluna, Jersey Lomellina, Jiun Her Industry, Klauber Brothers, Longina Phillips Designs, Macra Lace, Maglificio Ripa, Marcie Design, Muehlmeier Bodshaping, Noyon Dentelle, Piave Maitex, Plymouth, Ritex 2002, Ruey Tay, Seram, Simplex Knitting Company, Sitip, Sun Hing, Susanna Samson Design, Tejidos Gulfer, Textufil, Vila, Willy Herman, Yu Yuang Textile, Zengcheng Oriental Embroidery

The Events

8:30am – 9:30am
Welcome Breakfast – Meet and Greet

Exhibitor Show Floor Opens

9:30am – 10:30am
A glance of Interfiliѐre Paris 2014, video presented by Eurovet CEO, Marie-Laure Bellon-Homps illustrating the trends, referenced to fabrics from the Interfiliѐre New York 2014 mills and INVISTA™ innovations

11:00am – 12:00pm
INVISTA™ will present the new LYCRA® Brand Strategy – LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ Plus… the INVISTA™ lab presents “How we look at Technology & Innovation as a Company”

12:30pm – 1:30pm
Proexport Colombia Luncheon will showcase opportunities within Colombia’s textile and apparel industry for international investors as well as the latest trends in the industry

5:30pm – 6:30pm
Cocktail Reception & Networking Reception

6:30pm – 7:30pm
NPD Seminar – Marshall Cohen will share his understanding and vision of the sector in a presentation entitled, “Shattering Retail Rituals”

INY Fabrics

The fabrics on display were in a gorgeous variety of colors and patterns, all softer, stronger, and more intricate than ever. From bright neons to earthy tones and durable fabrics to delicate laces, the mills had it all this year. To see the top 2015 lingerie trends that we spotted during the show, read “A Taste of Interfiliѐre NY ~ 2015 Lingerie Trends.”

INY Bellini

As the exhibitors packed up to end a long day of work, Interfiliѐre served their refreshing blood orange Bellini for the cocktail and networking reception. After an hour, the crowd was back in good spirits and the final seminar began.
“Shattering Retail Rituals
” by Marshall Cohen specifically addressed retail trends and the changes in our industry. He paid special attention to urging synchrony between shipping and consumer shopping trends. Consumers purchase what they need when they need it 10/12 months of the year. However, the shipping of merchandise is only in sync with consumer shopping 3/12 of the months in a year.

INY Seminar

Whether you attended Interfiliѐre New York 2014 or not, please feel free share your thoughts regarding the show, retail trends, and ideas for strengthening the future of the intimate apparel industry.