The Underfashion Club, Inc. Announces Scholarships Totaling $18,000 for LIM College Students in 2017


The Underfashion Club, Inc. is the not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization established to provide Intimate Apparel Industry leaders with a forum to exchange information and ideas, and support the Intimate Apparel market as a vital aspect of the fashion industry. Through its Scholarships, Awards, Internships and Grants (SAIG) programs, the Club supports the education of new talent.

As part of its commitment to “Education today for a better industry tomorrow,” the Underfashion Club has chosen four students from LIM College: Where Business Meets Fashion to receive scholarships for 2017. LIM College was founded in 1939 by Maxwell F. Marcuse as the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising, at the request of retailers who wanted a school that would teach students about the fashion business and merchandising.

The Mary Krug Memorial Scholarship Winner – $5,000

Kelsey White, Fashion Merchandising Major, recognized for her intimate apparel merchandising concept based on women aiding women, creative business model, and her exemplary commitment to her education.

SAIG Scholarship Winner: $5,000

Kendra Lehner, Fashion Merchandising Student, recognized for her sustainable merchandising concept.

SAIG Scholarship Winner: $5,000

Charlotte “Tori” Sandness, Marketing Major, recognized for her intimate apparel merchandising concept for “women that love themselves” that also supports breast cancer research.

SAIG Scholarship Winner: $3,000

Jianna Luongo, Visual Merchandising Major, recognized for her integrated, visual intimate apparel concept.