New 2014 Femmy Design Contest theme “Shaping the Future”

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slider-femmy2011-5-cSAIG committee announced that the new theme for this year’s Femmy awards will be “Shaping the Future”.  Work with FIT students is already under way on this exciting new vision with support and mentoring from Professor Alexandra Armillas.

The committee has reviewed 12 original concept boards and voted on their 9 favorites.
”According to Suzanne Beck of the Saig Committee, the concepts ranged from very embellished, to strappy & sexy, to clean minimalist but all with a fresh new young twist.  This year’s contestants have been asked to focus on the more practical side of design.

Next step is on December 11 when the SAIG committee will review the prototypes of these 9 concepts to pick the finalist for the Femmy student design contest.

Keep in mind the students are working a full course load at the same time as they are working on their visions for “Shaping the Future” 

Prizes are $10,000 in total including cash awards as follows:  first prize  $4,000, second prize $3,000, third prize $2,100 and $300 each for the 3 finalists.