Interfilière New York 2015


The Interfilière trade shows are an opportunity for leading international intimates, swimwear, and performance sourcing and fabrics platforms to share their latest materials and textiles to buyers in the intimate apparel industry. On September 21, 2015, 48 top international mills gathered in the Altman Building in New York City to present their latest developments at the Interfilière New York trade show, hosted by Eurovet.


Summer 2017 color/style trends were illustrated by an organized and informative display.

Prototype Color Trends

24: blue ceramique
23: frost
22: brume
21: horizon


20: blond gold
19: jade
18: biscotte


17: toasted copper
16: fruit paste
15: jam
14: chestnut ice cream
13: delicacy


12: powder
11: laquer
10: erotic
09: chestnut
08: mushroom


07: biuberry
06: orchid
05: iris
04: chocolate
03: turquin
02: truffle
01: nocturne


Summer 2017 Style Trends

Sexy Architecture: structured, embroidered, variety in textures, dark and sensual.


Smooth & Gorgeous: fragile, sheer, pastels, minimal with smooth textures, uses yarn technology and finer, more delicate fabrics for a beautiful flat surface texture.


Dried Flowers: 3D floral prints, vibrant colors, naturalness, garden inspiration, femininity, draping details, lacy and sheer fabrics with embroidered patterns.


New Lingerie Generation:  youthful, unconventional styles, bold messages, and quirky prints suited to rising hipster trends.


Beach Wardrobes: nautical patterns, natural colors, organic elements, busy/mixed prints, and high-performance, breathable fabrics.


Urban Active: athliesure, cosmic prints, neon colors, urban art, passion, power mesh and reflective materials, combining powerful performance fabrics with leisurely styles.


An exclusive Summer 2017 trend presentation entitled “Evolution: The New Dimensions” was delivered by Jos Berry, a woman with a worldwide reputation as a creative driver of the lingerie and beachwear industry.



A few highlights from Jos Berry’s Summer 2017 trend presentation:

  • Sports and athliesure are at the fashion frontier, serving as proof that the fashion world is getting more casual every year.
  • The enormous impact of indie brands indicates that consumers that are not interested in the sameness of the shopping environment, especially in lingerie retail.
  • Lace is not a question of in or out. Fiber manufacturers are creating many kinds of versatile laces, which is an essential ingredient to retailers.
  • Beachwear symbolizes pleasure and has evolved, implementing elements of loungewear and adapting many kinds of fabrics.
  • Cosmos in print is trending, discovering new vistas for design. We’re looking for novelty in organic design.
  • Skin art in fabrics follows the tattoo trend. It is a spontaneous and young way of decorating. The fine lines achieved in fabrics are a result of new technology.
  • Revival of the classics: wireless is a tremendous best seller.
  • Be multiple! Get out of the comfort zone and innovate.

It was a brilliant show. Which trends are you looking forward to seeing in the future?

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