Congratulations to Drexel University student Ellie DiPaolo for being selected as the recipient of the 2023 Eileen West Memorial Scholarship of $15,000! We wish you every success in your senior year and ultimately hope to see you among the ranks of dedicated fashion design professionals.

“Thank you so much for this award. I learned so much about sleepwear and lingerie from this experience. Through this project, I connected with Eileen West’s design aesthetic and the identity of her brand. I admire her commitment to the use of natural materials and her embracement of femininity through floral motifs. I appreciate this opportunity and the impact the Underfashion Club’s funding will have on my senior year.” – Ellie DiPaolo

Eileen, who died in 2017, was a famed designer and fashion icon, best known for her distinctive sleepwear collections. Eileen possessed that rare combination of insight, intelligence and genuine humility. Her positive energy and thoughtful, kind spirit infused her life and work. A memorial scholarship fund was created in her name in 2018, made possible through the generous contributions of Eileen’s many industry friends.

The Underfashion Club promotes and advances the objective of education in order to attract talented individuals to careers in the Intimate Apparel Industry. Our commitment is to support “education today for a better industry tomorrow.”