The Sexy Side of 3D Imaging



The UNDERFASHION CLUB held its most recent program event, “The Sexy Side of 3D Imaging” with Lectra on September 13, 2016 at the Cutting Room. Lectra’s fashion industry expert and director of business development, Luis Velazquez, discussed how 3D technology will impact the future of the fashion industry. This world renowned company is an industry-leader that’s been training today’s fashion students with cutting edge technology.  Lectra has also collaborated with lingerie brands and schools in Paris to award student designers with internships for the technical and aesthetic excellence of their work. As a company, they aim to move the industry forward and help push the next generation of fashion leaders.

Designing lingerie is an intricate art, involving up to 50 components that require such careful precision that many prototypes must be created in order to achieve the right fit. This delicate and demanding process can take a lot of time, and the cost can be difficult to balance, especially in the intimate apparel industry. 3D technology can cut time from the development cycle, helping designers create better products faster.

3D technology allows us to print garments, put them together in a virtual space, and even present them a virtual fitting room. On average, it takes 3-4 weeks to make a sample with 1 fit session. 3D makes completing this process possible in half the time, giving designers more time to get creative and test out new ideas that can be visualized immediately.

This new technology will change the nature of market exchanges. Brands can now prepare 3D showrooms and virtual displays of stores to give clients a feel of the entire experience of owning a product. With product catalogs loaded as 3D data, several colorways can be displayed in a virtual showroom without the need to have a photo shoot or even make the garment itself. With such a detailed display, it would be easy to see where things might fit tightly, opening the doors for customized fit without the cost of manual fit cycles.

It is important to incorporate 3D technology into your business strategy within the next few years, otherwise you’ll fall behind! Help build the future and push our industry to be better! Students today are excited and ready to push the envelope. Work with them and you’ll be surprised what they come up with.

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