Tis’ the Season to go Swimsuit Shopping!!

Uh oh! It’s that time again – Women around the country will soon be scurrying about to Department Store racks performing the arduous but necessary task of the one and only: Swimsuit Shopping. Buying a swimsuit is a necessity that most women dread, but curb your fears, ladies. We, at the Underfashion Club will help you move and wade through the countless options of swimwear and help you learn how to choose the perfect cut and style for your body type – plus some tips too. Now, onto the proverbial question – How do I choose a swimsuit style??

Provided that you are in the 1% of super slim cellulite-less Americans that half of the swimsuits seem to be made for, you have quite the plethora of swimsuit options. Of course, most of us (over half of Americans are considered overweight) don’t ‘fit’ into that category – but fear not! There are plenty of ways to play up your strong points and best assets. When purchasing a suit, take the time to consider the different styles and features available so you can decide what’s right for your specific needs.

While the classic one piece has been around for longer, two-piece suits have become a favorite amongst women. There are generally more styles and cuts to choose from than any other bathing suit and with so many different styles out there, there’s a suit for almost everyone.

One Piece Swimsuits

Pronounced my-oh – Traditional one-piece suits, also known as a tank suit. These bathing suits can have a variety of tops: bandeau tops,halter or regular tank top straps. Maillots have a variety of leg openings, from high-cut to low.
Who is a maillot for?
*Women who want more coverage in a swimsuit.
*Women who want to conceal their tummy.

Fitness: One-piece swimsuits with a sleek fit (for speed) and a racer back (where the straps cross in the back) are meant for people who are more interested in swimming laps than aimlessly napping in the sun.
Who is a fitness swimsuit for?
*Any fitness enthusiast who does water exercising or competition.
*Women with athletic-builds find it particularly flattering.

A one-piece swimsuit with a skirt attached at the hip.
Who is a skirted suit for?
* Women who would feel more comfortable with maximum thigh coverage.
* New moms and those who have recently lost weight who would like additional coverage for stretch marks/loose skin.

Two piece-ish suit with fabric that comes down the middle of the front connecting the top and bottom. The side cut-outs vary in different degree, some more revealing than others.
Who is a monokini for?
* Women with boy-shaped bodies who want to create the illusion of curves
* Women with leaner hips that want to add some width.

Two-piece swimsuits

Triangle top bikini: As the name implies, the cups of a triangle top bikini are two triangular panels the cover the breasts. The attached ties allow the wearer to make adjustments as she wants. Triangle top bikinis are available with different types of bottoms.
Who is a triangle top bikini for?
* Curvy women who want to adjust the top to flatter their curves
* Women with boyish figures who want to visually create curves

Halter top bikini:
Halter bikinis have a top that ties behind the neck. The straps are usually wider than those on a triangle top bikini and often are non- adjustable.
Who is a halter bikini for?
* Large-busted women who require more support of the breasts.
* Small-busted women who want to create cleavage.

Hipster bikini: This bikini has an exceptionally low rise — meaning that the waist is lower to the hips.
Who is a hipster bikini for?
* Women appreciate their lower area and would like to show off their toned stomach.
* Women who appreciate the modern look of low-rise swimwear bottoms.

String bikini:
One of the more flattering styles, string bikini’s have strings that connect the front and back of the bottoms. It can be paired with a variety of tops.
Who is a string bikini for?
* Women wishing to create a more defined figure and curves.
* Women with larger hips that wish to be able to adjust the fit of their swim bottoms.

Tankini: A tankini is just like a tank top that is paired with bikini bottoms. The top most often comes down to the top of the waistband of the swim bottoms, similar to a shirt, so the wearer has a two-piece suit with maximum coverage.
Who is a tankini for?
* Women wishing to wear a more modest two-piece swimsuit
* Women who wish to conceal belly imperfections.

Because a swimsuit is meant to fit right against your body, the correct choosing of size is essential. So haul out that measuring tape and measure yourself in front of a mirror.

How to Measure
1. Measure your waist: Bend to one side; the crease is your natural waist. Measure your natural waist with the measuring tape snug against your body and parallel to the floor.
2. Measure your bust: Again with the measuring tape snug against your body and parallel to the floor, measure around the fullest part of your bust.
3. Measure your torso: Starting at one shoulder, wrap the measuring tape down your body, between your legs and back up your back to the point where you started.
(Via Overstock.com)
Women’s Swimwear Sizing Chart
Bust Waist Torso Suit Size
33″ 25″ 58″ 4

34″ 26″ 59″ 6

35″ 27″ 60″ 8

36″ 28″ 61.5″ 10

38″ 29.5″ 63″ 12

39″ 31″ 64.5″ 14

41″ 33″ 66″ 16

Happy Swimming!

As Always,
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