Fashion for the Fourth!

It’s the Fourth of July! Which means friends, family, parties, and fun! Why not consider breaking out some new looks for Fourth of July weekend? With all the get-togethers, it is the perfect time to look fabulous and be noticed for your patriotism and great style! We tend to overlook July 4 as a holiday to get dolled up for, leaning more towards a bathing suit and towel around your waist as your garb of choice, which makes this holiday a great time to stand out from the crowd.

Of course. looks involving red, white or blue are essential, and those colors in either solids or polka dots or stripes can be super cute. Even something as basic as a white top, denim shorts (blue jeans – an American fashion legend), and sexy red pumps can really draw attention. Cowboy boots can be very sexy and, of course, as all-American as they are, very appropriate. You can accessorize with a basic dress by using flowery hair pins or a red, white, or blue scarf, a denim vest or some fancy star-shaped earrings. Another idea is to think nautical. Most nautical-themed outfits come with an American flare already built-in. If you feel you are lacking in the red, white, and blue color options in your clothing, check out what belts and totes you may have that could perfectly complete your outfit.

While it is preferable to stay away from tacky graphic tees and American flag embroidered hot pants, and to try and stay a little casual to beat the heat and stay comfortable all day, there are so many ways to get creative with everything you already have to be hotter than a July day and more stunning than any fireworks show.

So party on, fellow Americans, and look darn good doing it!

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