Impressions from Mode City & Interfiliere


Paris Mode City / Interfiliere show was a bit like the weather: hot & cold, even rainy at times.

Hot were the
Forum trends : focused on colors and prints, delicate & decorative details , and sport-inspired elements
Beachwear : “Momenti Di passione”  which was a runway collection of innovative beachwear prototypes created by leading  fabric mills and organized by Jos Berry of Concepts Paris and  Paula Maltese as a “live trend book”
Absolute Summer : interactive experience focused on supporting beach and lingerie professionals with advice on beauty trends, consumer merchandising, summer shop prototypes  and accessories
Lace: one customer shared that  they were elbow to elbow looking through collections

Not so hot was
The weather: although cooler than normal  outside, it was still warm inside the exhibition hall in Paris
Running out of food at stands: at 2 pm with a raging headache & after standing in line, it was not fun to find out they were out of baguettes completely!
Lines for taxis : a temptation except it wasn’t going to help with my suitcase full of samples.
~Ria Stern