This virtual panel discussion with members of the Underfashion Club focused on intimate apparel careers and what it takes to be successful in the intimate apparel industry. These seasoned professionals shared that there’s no typical day in the job working in intimate apparel. As a designer, time needs to be set aside to create patterns and prototypes for the next product in the collection. Accounting, marketing, photoshoots, sourcing, meeting vendors, and fittings are all part of the process of bringing a design from the drawing board to the customer’s wardrobe. All teams, including those in marketing, operations, warehouses and design need to be coordinated to make sure everything is running smoothly. Everyone in the team has unique perspectives and intelligence that should be heard for the business’s growth and cohesion.

To be successful in anything, you need passion and good work ethic. As an intimate apparel designer, you must be familiar with the customer you’re designing for. The market is inclusive and diverse, so it’s important to understand the segments you’re working for regarding size, style, and preferences. Building intimate apparel is an art and a science and the best ideas come from connecting the dots. Be reactive and open-minded. Get excited by what you learn, allowing it to change what you do in your work. Intimately understand the construction of a garment and every component involved. Every piece makes a big difference in the fit, so it’s hard work and commitment to get the details the best they can be. If a design is rejected, see this challenge as an exciting opportunity to improve your work. Build upon successes and failures alike. Be thoughtful when giving feedback and work together with your team to improve ideas!