In 2018, The Underfashion Club, Inc. distributed
in Scholarships, Awards, Internships and Equipment, in support of intimate apparel design and merchandising students.








In 2018, we provided financial support
(scholarships, awards and internships)
to students at:

Borough of Manhattan Community College
Design and Architecture Senior High School
Fashion Institute of Technology
High School of Art and Design
High School of Fashion Industries
LIM College
Parsons School of Fashion
Pratt Institute
SUNY Buffalo State
SUNY Queens College

We provided funding for equipment
to benefit students at:

Fashion Institute of Technology
High School of Fashion Industries

We donated
in charitable contributions to:

American Society for Suicide Prevention
Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Citymeals on Wheels
Lewy Body Dementia Association
METAvivor, Inc.
St. Francis Friends of the Poor
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Women In Need, Inc.



John L. Bowman, who died in March of 2016 after fighting a courageous battle with brain cancer, was a pioneer in the Intimate Apparel Industry.

He dedicated 27 years to the initial launch and success of Wacoal America and, later in his career, was a partner at Dana-co LLC working with the Natori brand.

He went on to establish John Bowman & Associates, where he provided his years of experience and expertise to numerous companies globally. He developed and built brands like he lived his life … never accepting that anything was impossible and always pushing forward despite the odds. His legacy is to be found in the success of so many industry professionals who benefitted from his mentoring.

The John Bowman Memorial Scholarship Fund, established in 2017 through the generous contributions of John’s industry friends, will keep John’s memory alive by providing much needed financial support to the most deserving of merchandising students.


As a young girl growing up in a small town outside of Salzburg, Austria, I never would have imagined living in New York City. When my family came to America 13 years ago, I could not even read or write in English, but now, it is incredibly humbling to see years of hard work begin to pay off. Studying at LIM College has opened up more opportunities to network, learn, and help others than I could have ever imagined, and I know that it is only through scholarship funds that I am able to continually work on further cultivating my academic and industry exposure. Not only have my studies allowed me to gain insight into how the industry functions, but I have also been able to obtain valuable hands-on internship experience.

For instance, my freshman year internship at Fashion Snoops was a launching pad for landing me at other positions at amazing companies such as Supima Cotton, Cotton Incorporated, Tommy Hilfiger, and the Smithee Group. In addition, I was able to use my marketing and research skills for community outreach by co-founding the Philanthropy Club, leading its marketing division, and volunteering abroad in Romania and Bulgaria this summer to help impoverished communities and assist them in SEO and marketing development. These learning experiences expanded my knowledge of the industry and pushed me to strive to succeed.

These industry and academic experiences have solidified my passion for branding, marketing, and communicating the vision of a company coupled with sustainable and ethical business practices. In the future, my goal is to combine my skills in trend research and brand marketing with sustainable fashion. None of these milestones would have been possible without the aid I am receiving from the Underfashion Club.



Mary Krug was Vice President and Division Merchandise Manager for Neiman Marcus Stores, a division of Neiman Marcus Group.

Mary personified excellence, and she truly was the best of the best. When she died in 2013, Mary left a great legacy in the countless buyers, assistant buyers and vendors that she trained and educated over the years.

A group of industry executives – men and women who knew Mary well – committed to establish a scholarship in her memory for students of fashion merchandising. What began as a single scholarship is now a scholarship fund that will carry Mary’s name and devotion to education years into the future.

Contributions to the fund continue to be collected, and you are welcome to add your financial support to this most worthy endeavor.


This most generous financial aid has allowed me to worry less about the cost of school and living in New York, so I can focus on the incredible learning opportunities available to me. This relief, added with the confidence gained by knowing I have the support of the Underfashion Club, has allowed me to truly get a jump start on my career.

In the past year, I completed a sales internship at Haddad Brands, a buying internship with Carolina Hererra, and have now been a buying assistant at Chanel for the past 6 months. LIM allows me to apply myself to the fullest extent, and I love nothing more than fully immersing myself in my education and preparing myself for my career.

I plan to continue on my current path with passion and vigor. The retail industry is one that fascinates and excites me, and I am so excited to enter into a profession with brilliant and innovative peers such as those in the Underfashion Club.

Thank you so much for this incredible award!




Leila Gordon is a fashion design student at Design & Architecture Senior High who is passionate about working with fabric, textile experimentation, and 3D forms.

She used to live in a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania, surrounded by tall conifers and the open air, until her family moved all the way to vivacious Miami, Florida. The extreme contrast between her quiet hometown and the energetic life of Miami allowed her to develop an appreciation for the two drastically opposing environments, while expressing their individuality through design.

Leila’s lingerie design project was inspired by the Futurism Art Movement of the 20th century and how it translates into 21st century fabrics, silhouettes, and design.



Eleven students from the High School of Fashion Industries attended Curve Expo on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. It was a valuable learning experience that provided a different view into the world of Intimate Apparel.

“Today’s experience was nothing short of amazing. Before the Underfashion Club opportunity, I never considered myself an undergarment designer. The Curve Expo trip truly opened my eyes to the endless opportunities within fashion and an avenue called lingerie. Seeing all the innovative undergarment creations, exquisitely made lingerie, and the successfully established as well as hopeful up and coming companies, definitely granted me boundless inspiration. Inspiration, not only for my portfolio, but for a future career in the undergarment industry. I gained valuable advice and insight from every station we visited. I learned that even though undergarment fashion may seem simple, there are so many things that come into account when designing; just to name a few are: hygiene, body support/comfort, and innovation. I learned that staying innovative, and constantly bringing new ideas to the table are vital in lingerie, as well as all sectors within fashion. Overall, this memorable learning experience was everything I hoped for and more. I feel very grateful for this opportunity, and extremely thankful towards everyone in the Underfashion Club, who made this experience possible for my peers and I.”
Abigayle Jimenez

“The Curve Expo revealed a world of intimate apparel that has never crossed my mind before. Different companies had various aesthetics and ideas when it comes to designing; it was interesting to hear about their pitches and how their businesses began. There were various sources of inspiration to use and methods to think about, such the functionality or purpose of a garment. This has expanded my knowledge of the industry beyond what I’ve expected which is one of the reasons why I’m grateful for being a part of this opportunity.”
Nayikah Benoit

“I just want to say thank you for the opportunity. I had an amazing experience and definitely learned a great amount of information from the tradeshow. It opened my eye to many new ideas and inspired me to try new thing for the future. Thank you again.”
Summayah White

“Attending the Curve Expo was the most creative and inspiring event I have had as a high school student. Being given such an amazing opportunity as this event has opened my eyes as a designer and provided me the drive and motivation needed to be in the fashion industry. Speaking to the various vendors gave me insight into the industry and the business aspect of intimate apparel. I wanted to thank you for this lucky opportunity that provided me to broaden my interest and explore many possibilities in the intimate apparel industry. ”
Windy Dias


Thanks to the Underfashion Club, several students at the High School of Fashion Industry were able to experience a bustling intimate apparel office at work. Their tour of the Adore Me office and presentation from the designers proved to be an invaluable learning experience.

“I’ve always been fascinated by lingerie. How can garments that are so dainty and minimal, undergo such rigorous construction and thought process? Having the once in a lifetime opportunity to have this question answered by the lingerie designers at AdoreMe, was truly a dreamÖ I had no idea there were so many different jobs and hands needed to get an online retail business running, or even simply designing a garmentÖnot only did we get a first hand sneak peek of their newest line, but we also got some insight on the thought process in deciding which garments are kept and which are left behind, and whyÖThe design team shared that, when choosing what to design or even what to keep for a season, they rely majorly on consumer and trend reportsÖAs a student I usually design what I feel like designing, so it was really eye-opening to hear how most of the time the consumer or ìyour womanî has a biggest role in the creative design process, not the designer. Most of all, I learned that as a designer, you need to find a balance between catering to the trends and your consumer, while still staying true to your personal design aesthetic. Overall, this was an unforgettable experience, that made me very excited and inspired to start working and getting to know who I want my consumer to be.î
Abigayle Jimenez

ìI couldn’t be more grateful for this trip to Adore MeÖ It showed me the insight of designers and what they go through to just create one successful garment. Being a student from HSFI, I believe we get a taste of being a designer. Adore Me actually has many professionals in the industry and showed me that time is money and time can’t be wasted. The most important thing I learned was that the Adore Me designers create apparel in advance- not months, but years! It’s just super amazing to be how they get it all done!î
Ivelisse Dominguez

ìToday’s experience [at Adore Me] was truly amazing and one of a kindÖI was able to place myself in their position and view the steps and process it takes to create on garment/look for intimate apparelÖThe most important thing that I took from today’s tour and presentation is to always plan ahead and be flexible with everything that is thrown your way. For instance, in one part of the presentation they were speaking about how they have the best sellers and worst sellers, when they find out the worst sellers and they had something similar launching a few months, they’d then have time to go in and make the flexible changes needed.î
Helen Brown

ìIn my opinion, the trip to Adore Me was fascinating because of the lengthy design process that was explained thoroughly. It informed me of the challenges of fast fashion companies, which is why I commend Adore Me for being so successful. One of the most important things that I took away from this experience is that research is extremely essential to the design process. Inspiration can be formed through anything, but what’s important for the market is finding out what’s trending. Following up with competitors is also significant because it can provide a foundation for new products or growth in a fashion company. Adore Me has also surprised me with how much they forecast from now into next year because it’s something I haven’t seen often in the industry.î
Nayikah Benoit


Speakers Bureau

As part of our mission to support “education today for a better industry tomorrow,” The Underfashion Club is launching a speakers bureau to connect industry professionals willing to share their knowledge with college and high school level students interested in pursuing careers in intimate apparel.
Parsons, LIM, FIT and the High School of Art & Design – just to name a few – are very keen to have industry professionals speak to their classes and larger groups for approximately 45 minutes to an hour, and we would like to offer them speakers who can provide clear insight on a specific topic and, if possible, visual aids. Speakers on the high school level should gear their presentations towards a younger audience.

  • Fashion:
    • Design
    • Merchandising/Marketing
    • Production
  • General Industry and Finance
  • Career Opportunities and Job Search

If you are interested in sharing your experience and time with the next generation of IA professionals, please contact us at  We will work with you to schedule a speaking engagement based upon your area of expertise and preferred audience size – classroom or auditorium.

Where are they now?

-By Camille Block
We love being able to follow up with students the Club has helped along the way. It all validates what the UFC does and what we stand forÖÖ

îEducation today for a better industry tomorrow.î

I ran into two FIT graduates (May 2017) at the BFA exhibit on April 20, 2018 and was able to gain a little insight into their ìwhereaboutsî since they graduated. Bonnie Chen (pictured on left) and Zoe Beggelman (pictured on right) started their jobs in October 2017 and I couldnít wait to hear what they had to say.

Bonnie, originally from Taiwan, is with VANDALE working as a CAD artist designing all intimates and loving every minute of it. She was an UFC scholarship winner in 2017 and also took part in the Clubís internship program working with GELMART INTERNATIONAL.

Zoe is now working with DELTA GALIL, where she initially started as an intern, also through the UFC internship program. She is an assistant designer for the division SPLENDID and loves designing sleepwear for the brand. Zoe is proficient as a CAD designer and also loves working with the factories.