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Impressions from Mode City & Interfiliere


Paris Mode City / Interfiliere show was a bit like the weather: hot & cold, even rainy at times.

Hot were the
Forum trends : focused on colors and prints, delicate & decorative details , and sport-inspired elements
Beachwear : “Momenti Di passione”  which was a runway collection of innovative beachwear prototypes created by leading  fabric mills and organized by Jos Berry of Concepts Paris and  Paula Maltese as a “live trend book”
Absolute Summer : interactive experience focused on supporting beach and lingerie professionals with advice on beauty trends, consumer merchandising, summer shop prototypes  and accessories
Lace: one customer shared that  they were elbow to elbow looking through collections

Not so hot was
The weather: although cooler than normal  outside, it was still warm inside the exhibition hall in Paris
Running out of food at stands: at 2 pm with a raging headache & after standing in line, it was not fun to find out they were out of baguettes completely!
Lines for taxis : a temptation except it wasn’t going to help with my suitcase full of samples.
~Ria Stern



Scholarships from UFC to FIT Students


The SAIG members, (11 dedicated committee members) met at FIT on Wed, April 23rd to interview 15 students from the Fashion Design Department.  These students presented themselves, talked about their goals and aspirations and presented their portfolios and garments.  This time there was one Production major and the rest of the students were from Design.  Professor Alexandra Armillas has done a remarkable job in helping to bring about this annual night of interviews for possible scholarships to the FIT students.

The students are given their scheduled 15 minute time slot to meet the committee before the day of the interview. They are all very articulate and present themselves and their materials well. The committee does their best to help them relax, open up and be themselves. We are always amazed at the talent and enthusiasm of these young people and feel an open and honest exchange with them.

All the candidates for scholarships submitted their GPA, a resume, 2 letters of
recommendation from 2 professors who know them, and a financial statement from
FIT regarding what they might still have as an unmet need before the night of the interviews.  Copies had been given to each committee member to review before that special and long evening .

We are so proud to say we gave a total of $131,000 to the 15 students! 12
of the students were awarded Merit scholarships and 3 were rewarded with
scholarships for Financial assistance.

The Committee members were so appreciative of all the candidates and
expressed a desire to reward each one. Our committee has enjoyed being
active and involved with this special connection to these students.  We are pleased to see so many FIT graduates in our industry!