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Finding the Right Colors for Fall

So, it may still be summer, but fall is right around the corner and you need to stay ahead of the game! Shop for fall now so you can be stylish once it finally rolls around. When the leaves finally begin to change, it’s time to switch away from those whites and bright summery colors, in favor of darker, more subdued colors for the fall. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to go drab and dark with nothing but browns and blacks, a wide variety of vibrant, yet subdued colors can be mixed, matched at your desire to create the perfect looks for this fall 2010. A lot of the looks for this fall juxtapose subdued and vibrant colors alike, mix and match at your heart’s content to create the perfect looks for fall!

For a color report from the experts, check out Pantones Fall 2010 Color Report!


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A Guide The Best Under-Fashion Boutiques in NYC


Finding a go-to place to shop for your skivies in New York can be an unexpectedly difficult task. With thousands of retailers to choose from city wide, how do you know where you’re getting your money’s worth for quality, fashion and price?  Luckily, we’ve done some of the work for you. Here’s a few of our Underfashion Club top picks:





233 East 10th street


New York, NY


Azaleas is a small boutique on the lower east side of manhattan amidst turn of the century apartment buildings and a thriving community. Upon entering Azaleas, you are greeted by friendly, helpful staff who offer their assistance in what ever you may need. They are very knowledgeable about their wide variety of under garments and can help you find what you want. Although the store seems geared more towards thinner women, There is something for everyone. Azaleas also has a nice collection of lounge wear and bathing suits where little gems can often be found.


Orchard Corset Center


157 Orchard Street


New York, NY


The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into Orchard is the lack of visible merchandise, everything is kept in boxes. Extremely knowledgeable staff members (usually little old ladies) take your measurements from behind a curtain and voila, moments later you have the perfect fitting bra. There is no browsing at Orchard which may not be ideal to some women but if you trust in the system, you will not be disappointed. The most pleasing aspect of Orchard is the nonjudgmental atmosphere that will make any woman feel welcomed.


Le Petite Loquette


51 University Pl


New York, NY


Le Petite Loquette (which translates to “The Little Flirt”) has everything you might need but they specialize in lingerie. Upon entering the store, you are greeted by a salesperson who can help you find exactly what your looking for. After you have tried on a few bras, each looking more bootylicious and feeling more comfortable than the last, it will dawn on you that you are in the Mecca of sexy undergarments. Though this is not the place to go if you are particularly frugal (the prices will often shock you) but, Le Petite Loquette has something for everyone.
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The Best Bras for Summer

The heat of summer is upon us and fashion styles are bare and sheer.  It’s time to rethink your bra selections.  There are hundreds upon hundreds of bra styles out there — but fear not, we at the Underfashion Club are here to help you sort through them.

A convertible bra offers you the most versatility. It gives you many options for customization while still supporting you well under a backless bodice or halter top. You can go strapless under skinny tanks, halters, or strapless tops. Additionally, cross-back and racer back bras go well with sleeveless tops, with no sign of a bra strap in view. Skip styles with lace or heavy seams for a cleaner look under fitted sleeveless tops and fine knits.

A demi bra is the perfect choice for a plunging or revealing neckline. The wide-set cups cover the nipple, while providing good support with maximum exposure. Flesh tone-colored bras are the best option when sporting pastels or wearing sheer materials like linen or silk.

If you are into outdoor activities, you might consider fighting sweat-inducing humidity by pairing summer attire with a moisture-wicking sports bra. Sports bras provide great support and comfort, while the high-tech fabric keeps you cooler and drier than most fashion bras.

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How to Choose a Bra to Wear With Summer Tops  via

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