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Underfashion Club Wine Tasting and Networking Party!

A big thanks to all those who attended The Underfashion Club Wine Tasting and Networking party!

Wine was tasted, cheese was eaten and fun times were had all around! For those that missed it, fear not! There’s always next year — and in the meantime, check out the video and pictures from Wednesday night’s event!

Check out the Picasa Web Album!

Underfashion Club Wine Tasting and Networking Party

Check out the YouTube Video! 

Wine Tasting and Networking!

The Underfashion Club helps you get over hump day! 
You (and a friend) are invited to join us on Wednesday, June 16th for Wine Tasting and Networking at the Quality House! (see map)

Copy and Paste the registration form below and RSVP  via FAX (845-758-2546) or EMAIL by June 14th to to join in on this once a year event to meet new members and get involved!
June 16th Wine Tasting

EMAIL ( or FAX (845-758-2546) this form to register. Make checks or money orders payable and mail to Underfashion Club, Inc., 326 Field Road, Clinton Corners, NY 12514.  If you have any questions, contact the club office by phone at 845-758-6405 or email at

                        Current Member(s) @ $20* =                                               


                        New Member(s) @ $50** =                                               

            TOTAL AMOUNT DUE                                               
            *Special Offer for Current Members:
            Bring a new member and you attend at no charge
            **Special Offer for New Members:
             Your $50 payment covers membership through August 31, 2011 and this wine tasting.
Your Name                                                                                                                                    


Street Address                                                                                                                                    

City                                                                                       State                           Zip                                    

Telephone                                                    Email                                                                        

Bringing a new member? Please list their name and email address here and we’ll send them a membership application:


TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD:  Enter ALL of the information requested below

             AMEX                        MasterCard                        VISA                        Discover
Cardholder’s Name                                                                                                            

Account Number                                                                                                            

Expiration Date                                                **Security Code                                    

Billing Address                                                                                                            

City                                                                           State                           Zip                                    

** For MasterCard, VISA and Discover, the security code (usually 3 digits) is located on the back of the card in the signature panel after the last 4 digits of the card number.  For AMEX, the 4-digit security code is located on the front of the card, right above the account number.

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