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Summer Swimsuits!

With summer of 2010 in full swing, it is once again time to ask the age old question: “How can I look my sexiest at the beach?” Well, look no further because here you will find a run down of the top swimsuit trends of 2010. Check out these beach-ready 2010 sizzling swimsuits.

The Cutout

Cutouts, or monokinis, are perhaps the hottest trend this summer. These swimsuits feature strategically placed holes of varying sizes on the sides of the suit for a chic and elegant look. Cutouts successfully bridge the gap between bikinis and one pieces, quite literally. Popular this year are asymmetrical cutouts which add a little unexpected zest to ones look.

One Shoulder Styling

In recent years we have seen many dresses with this asymmetrical look which now appears to be reflected in swimsuits as well. Applicable to one pieces, bikinis and cutouts, one shoulder styling is a subtle yet audacious variation on the classic design.

Vibrant Colors

Commensurate with the recent crowning of Mimosa as color of the year, this summer is all about beautiful, vibrant colors. Beaches are packed with melodious blends of neons, blues, greens and reds. Elaborate graphic prints are reminiscent the 80s and early 90s are also hot this year. 

Vintage Look

With the recent resurgence pin-up inspired fashion, looks harking back to the 50s are making waves this summer. These classic swimsuit designs are flattering to any woman’s figure and exude confidence.